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What’s keeping your business from moving to the next level?

And how are you going to change that?


Sometimes running a business can be overwhelming. There’s so much fighting for your attention that it can be hard to know what to focus on.

Most of the help that’s available—attorneys, accountants, etc.—are good at what they do, but can only help in one or two specific areas. Sometimes you need someone to step back and share a broader perspective.

That’s why we created Broad Insights.

We help business leaders get an objective, big-picture look at the state of their business or non-profit organization and give down-to-earth advice on how to focus their energies. Then we take the time to coach you and help you develop the skills you need to take your business to the next level.

We’re here to be on your team, to listen, to be a sounding board for your ideas. We offer counsel based on our own experience in the business world, and we’re here to help you rise to the challenges before you.

We help business owners develop the skills
they need to take their business
to the next level

Cut-to-the-Chase Analysis

At Broad Insights, we’re not interested in abstract business theory or worn-out truisms, and our goal is not to hand you a “one size fits all” business plan. Nor do we want to come in, fix a few issues with your HR or bookkeeping and walk back out, leaving you no better off than you were when the next problem arises.

The focus of Broad Insights is on you. We take time to get to know you and the unique needs of your business. We conduct a personalized and rigorous analysis, identify your assets and challenges, and then give you actionable, down-to-earth advice on what steps to take next.

Ready to start the analysis now? Take our free Business Maturity Assessment, then contact us to schedule a free consultation. At the consultation, we’ll examine the results of your Business Maturity Assessment together, so you can experience our analysis for yourself.

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Helping you discover your potential isn't enough.
Personalized coaching gives you the tools
to make it happen.

Targeted Coaching

Often at our first contact we ask you to take a survey to evaluate your business. The results provide a picture of the maturity level of your business. Click here to take that short online assessment.

Your business assessment is just the first step. Our goal is not just to fix a handful of problems then walk out, but to equip you as a leader so that you can proactively solve problems yourself.

Broad Insights offers monthly coaching that is targeted to your personality and the results of your evaluation. You can choose the frequency and depth of coaching sessions based on your preferences.

Our goal is to help you build the skills you’ll need to tackle any issues identified in the analysis, and to take on new challenges that will undoubtedly arise.

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Our experience in global business and executive coaching
give us the perspective to help business leaders
reach their full potential.

Who We Are

Coaches and Subject Matter Experts

Jim Wiginton

Broad Insights’ president and managing partner, Jim Wiginton, draws from extensive experience in multiple business disciplines. He has served as the Vice President of Customer Service for Michelin North America, as well as its Director for Internal Audit. He spent four years in Europe on assignment with responsibilities that included an executive coaching role. Jim was also CFO for the North American operations of Plastic Omnium Auto Exteriors, and served as the Corporate Controller and Director of Finance for Alfmeier Corporation. Earlier in his career, Jim held positions in plant controlling, industrial engineering, and financial analysis. Jim’s broad experience in global business gives him the perspective to evaluate multiple aspects of a company’s performance. And with his experience in executive coaching, he knows how to help business owners reach their full potential. A Licensed Professional Business Coach, Jim is supported by an alliance of specialists, backed by 3Fold Creative.


Tim Morgan

Broad Insights investing partner Tim Morgan has served for over two decades as a C-level executive in small, medium, and large organizations where he has acquired a wide range of experience and capabilities. In addition to business coaching with Broad Insights, he is currently CEO of GMG Holdings, Inc. and serves on several boards. Entrepreneurial endeavors have afforded Tim the knowledge and perspective needed to facilitate others in launching companies. He successfully ran a private equity fund which enabled his organization to purchase, manage, and sell companies, providing a consistent double digit return to the investors. Tim functions as a trusted member of organizational teams—listening, learning, and serving as a valuable resource for progress.

David George

David George

Broad Insights investing partner David George began his career with IKON Office Solutions, serving in a variety of executive roles including sales and marketing leadership, new business development, strategic account sales, and management training. As a Partner and Marketplace Vice President with this Fortune 500 Company, David managed sales and administration for a region. He also “gets” small business in two critical ways, as President of Genesis Marketing Group and as a small business owner himself. David’s high energy and results-oriented approach yields measurable results in returning unprofitable and struggling operations to success.

Joseph Bartosch

Joseph Bartosch

After serving in the corporate world for over a decade (representing companies like IBM and AT&T), Joseph Bartosch founded, funded, and led two successful businesses. Then he earned his graduate degree in counseling and his doctorate in curriculum and instruction with proficiencies in psychology, communications, and theology. Joseph has achieved the hard-earned Certified Information Executive title from the Institute for CIO Excellence as well as the Certified Professional Business Coach title from the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. Joseph has served as a Chief Brand Officer, a Dean of Distance Learning, an IT Director, and an Academy Headmaster. He has a wide breadth of strategic servant leadership experience, having served in leadership roles in sales & marketing, information technology, and education for over two decades. Joseph’s experience in business, education, and counseling uniquely qualifies him to help successful individuals perform at the top of their game.


Vicki Peek — HR Strategic Consulting

Vicki uses her extensive experience and deep knowledge to solve business problems through strategic and transactional human resources. As COO of Find Great People (FGP) and Practice Director of the FGP HR consulting division, Vicki has expanded the company from a small executive recruiting firm into a full-service HR organization. FGP has appeared five consecutive years on the Inc. 500 and 5000 list, and also been named one of SC Fastest Growing Companies and a Best Place to Work in South Carolina. Vicki’s exceptional understanding of business operations and employment cycles allows her to understand a variety of businesses and create solutions that fit each need.


Kevin Oberlin – Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach

Having multiple personal and professional experiences in over 40 countries over the past 20 years, Kevin is accustomed to global transitions and performing in a variety of intercultural contexts. He has helped individuals and organizations learn and lead effectively across cultures and generations. Kevin has an equal foundation as both an intercultural practitioner and academician. He holds a master’s degree in leadership and intercultural studies and has taught cross-cultural communication and anthropology at the university and graduate level. Kevin is certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center to offer a 360-degree CQ (Cultural Intelligence) assessment, a global business performance predictor. While many business leaders travel extensively worldwide, few have the time and energy to develop the depth of cultural understanding necessary for every situation. Kevin’s work has led him to research how one can better predict his/her own performance even for short-term assignments as well as grow in one’s capabilities of cultural intelligence for any context.

Eric Knutson

Erik Knutson

As a small business owner and former Fortune 500 executive, Erik understands big business tools and how to make them work with small business realities. He has led companies, departments, facilities, and functions through periods of significant growth ($20 million to $1 billion) and change initiatives. His project management experience includes over twenty facilities and IT projects. He has started multiple facilities, market areas, and businesses. Erik uses his deep management experience to help clients identify what is truly important for them to reach their individual and company goals. Erik combines expertise in leadership, execution, management process, and metrics to help clients produce lasting results. Erik Knutson is also CEO of Advisorix, which provides online tools for diagnostics, reporting, and action tracking for business coaches and their clients.

Andrew Cropsey

Andrew Cropsey – Business Planning

Andrew Cropsey specializes in Business Planning for Broad Insights. He has served small and medium-sized enterprises in both accounting and marketing roles, and has taught small business courses on the university level. He has over 10 years’ experience teaching accounting and serves as an assistant professor of accounting. He holds graduate degrees in religious education and business administration, and is currently working on his Ph.D. in accounting. Andrew is a partner with 3Fold Creative, his first business startup. Andrew’s experience as a business owner, professor, and accounting professional give him the valuable perspectives needed to help entrepreneurs formulate successful business plans.


Randy Wilkins

Like you, small business owner and leadership expert Randy Wilkins has experienced being “stuck” in business from time to time.
With more than two decades of in-the-trenches small business experience, Randy appreciates and connects with successful business owners and executives who desire to climb to the next level. Unlike many consultants, Randy coaches you in the trenches while fully executing top strategies to achieve unusual results.
As a former COO for a non-profit organization, Randy gained extensive international proficiency as a result of more than 10 years navigating cultural differences in Europe while residing in the Basque region of northern Spain. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Professional, has trained emerging leaders in the U.S. and Spain, and continues to work with the best and brightest in business and leadership development. Randy is a Licensed Professional Business Coach through PBCA.







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